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  • No surge pricing.

  • In-vehicle amenities for an enjoyable ride.

  • All electric vehicles.

  • See the cost of the ride before booking.

The other guys are responsible for 6% of miles traveled in the United States – adding to the climate crisis in the process.

When you take our rideshare? You’re protecting the planet. You.Car is the first climate-positive rideshare solution on the market – that means we offset more carbon than our rides produce.

Arrive in Style with Electric Rides
Is there anything more attractive than a person who makes eco-conscious, altruistic decisions? YOU.CAR’s premium EV fleet emits 75% less carbon per ride.
Guaranteed to Offset Emissions
We provide electric rides only. This means zero carbon emissions caused from your rideshare trip.
Boston Innovation
You.Car is launching in Boston and surrounding cities. Don’t see your city? Join as a rider and select “rideshare near me” to request a city near you.

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3 Reasons the Future of Rideshare is Electric

The rideshare industry will go fully electric in the coming years. You’re an early adopter, leading the path of sustainable consumer decision-making. Keep Reading.

Not everyone can say they’re paving the way to a more sustainable future. As a You.Car rider, you can. Here’s what we’re doing to make the world a better place:

Reduce the number of gas cars.

Rider’s EV demand decreases gas vehicle purchases.

Enable values-based purchases

We empower individuals to offset their carbon emissions through You.Car trips.

Encourage corporate sustainability

Companies offset their carbon footprint with You.Car.

Boost consumer climate donations.

Riders can round their fare up to donate to a climate project.