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The transportation enthusiast

‘Transportation Enthusiasts’ are more likely to:

"We're seeing the emergence of a fresh, forward-looking group of transportation enthusiasts with a receptiveness toward non-traditional transit types and technologies."


Spend more time using
ride-sharing services per week.


Spend more time per week driving their personal cars than the average American


Use alternative work commute types than the general population


Be comfortable with alternative fuel types than the average consumer


Purchase a new vehicle in the next year


Be more open to autonomous driving vehicles than the general consumer

The Solution

YOU.CAR levels up ride share and helps passengers reach "Net-Zero YOU"

By offering higher commissions, greater margins, and ‘save as you go features’, we have assembled an elite team of drivers to upgrade your passenger experience. 

Our high-tech, all-EV fleet is routed by cutting edge navigation technology designed with an electric vehicle owner in mind. 

For those interested in taking further action in the fight against climate change a passenger can round their fare up to the nearest dollar and YOU.CAR will pledge an equivalent value in carbon credits on their behalf.

Real time environmental impact data provided for every trip with the ability to group passengers into a parent account for company wide ESG reports. 

Onboard amenities such as digital games and interactive entertainment as well as wholesome snacks and cold beverages.

Making it better for Riders

Competitive Rates

YOU.CAR will provide competitive rates for riders and offer benefits such as: no ‘surge pricing’ for VIP commuters.

Continuous Safety

YOU.CAR goes the extra mile by continuously monitoring a drivers’ records for any criminal activity or motor vehicle infractions.

Make a Difference

Our Proprietary Market Research indicate Gen Z & Millennials are considering climate impact with their daily consumer habits.

...and Drivers

Transparent Pay

YOU.CAR offers driver 80% commission at the point of sale and does not withhold earnings to later disguise as bonuses.

Team Environment

YOU.CAR empowers drivers to self organize by offering features and tools with insight into the fleet management.

Better Treatment

US based driver support team providing assistance 24/7


YOU.CAR levels up the compensation potential for drivers and minimizes carbon emissions while filling the transportation demand of major metros.

Drivers will have the option to use their own EV or utilize with our regional partners to Lease or Rent an EV to develop their business.

YOU.CAR will partner with regional agencies, corporations, cultural centers, and universities to build out an exclusive EV-only rideshare program increasing the local demand for clean transportation services.

Support Fidelity's Sustainability Journey

Helps to reduce carbon output

YOU.CAR is an EV-only rideshare company built to minimize the environmental impact of transportation pollution every day. We provide helpful individual and company-wide impact reports to boost adoption of electric vehicle ridership.

Helps to reduce carbon output

YOU.CAR is an EV-only rideshare company built to minimize the environmental impact of transportation pollution every day. We provide helpful individual and company-wide impact reports to boost adoption of electric vehicle ridership.

Makes workplace giving easier

Our suite of products and tools are designed to make it easy to let your employees and stakeholders choose how they want to give back and support climate change efforts.

Launch Private Label FIDELITY.CAR App

Powered by YOU.CAR

Give your employees and customers a custom experience by adding your company’s branding to our driver and rider plattforms.

It’s an easy way to support their ongoing and growing passion for a sustainable lifestyle.

Track Company Wide Impact

By using customized FIDELITY.CAR app, your stakeholders, employees, and customers all have the opportunity to be a part of making an impact and helping Fidelity reach its ESG Goals.

A Game Changer with Carbon Credits

During the trip, riders have the option to round up the cost of their ride to the nearest dollar. 

In return, we purchase an equivalent amount of carbon credits and apply it to vetted environmental projects on behalf of the rider. 

These micropayments may not seem like much at first. But, when we combine the participation and support of an entire team, the impact could be meaningful and significant.

Total Available Market

The global Rideshare Market was valued at $21.42 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $61.24 billion by 2026. 

Battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles are projected to make up 55% of vehicle production by 2030 across China, Europe, and North America. This will expand the YOU.CAR driver pool and open up effective ways to monetize EV vehicle ownership.

Go to Market Strategy

Soft Launch with Local Boston Partners & Universities

YOU.CAR will partner with local Boston businesses for a 3-month soft launch.
Companies will utilize YOU.CAR achieve their ESG goals.

Springtime PR Launch with Local Influencers & Universities

YOU.CAR will power a “Go Green” Graduation Celebration across Boston in the Spring to serve as a seasonal PR campaign to acquire new regional customers.


YOU.CAR is raising $3M.

The Driver, Rider and Admin apps will be finished by November.

The fundraise will be used for:

  • Software Development

  • Advertising / Brand Marketing

  • Infrastructure (AWS, Licenses)

  • Infrastructure (AWS, Licenses)

  • Operations Staff

  • G&A


Andrew McKee

Founder & CEO
4x Serial Entrepreneur, Venture and Angel Investor

Todd Mayberry

Expert in Geospatial and Fintech Applications

Eileen Bevens

Operations & Partnership Executive

Correy O'Neal

Expert in Launching & Calling Start-Ups

Kathy Hart

Market Research
Data & Research Expert

Vilmar Morgan

Creative Director
Expert in Making Delightful Experiences

Target Expansion Metros

Launch Cities 2023-2025


Andrew McKee
Founder & CEO