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Our mission is simple: to empower everyday people to make climate-conscious transportation decisions. We do this by helping drivers make the switch to electric vehicles, offering riders an EV rideshare option, and parterning with companies to meet their ESG goals.

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Designed for people who keep safety & sustainability top of mind

How to Streamline Rider Pickups | You.Car

First impressions make or break any interaction, and rideshare relationships are no different. Taking steps to streamline rider pickups not only makes your life easier as a driver, but...

The Future of
is Electric

Rideshare Services for Businesses

Looking for ways to enhance your sustainability initiatives? Reduce your employees’ carbon footprint by having your employee commute in an EV rideshare.It’s time to upgrade the experience while tracking your corporate climate impact.
Tackle your ESG goals by joining the You.Car Partner Program.

The Best of Boston Rideshare Apps

Boston is known for innovation, and now we’re electrifying that reputation. Be the first to make the switch to climate-positive transportation. This is a rideshare Boston can be proud of. About Boston Sustainability.