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Rideshare Drivers

Finally, a ride share that puts you first.

It's time to supercharge your wallets!

In just 7 minutes you can join the most eco-friendly rideshare team on Earth.

How to get started

Go to Your Account

Click account in the navigation and then edit account.

Set Up Your Profile

Add your picture, languages, and a little about you.

Add Your Bank Account

Under bank account on the nav, add your information.

Go to Your Account

Update existing info by clicking replace on the top right.

There are Tax Incentives for You.Car Drivers

Did you know there are tax breaks at the federal, state, and local levels? Electric vehicle owners can benefit at every turn. See what the laws are where you live and how much your car qualifies for.

Bonus Goodness for a New EV Driver

Electric car careers come with added perks – for the environment and for you

Full transparency
is our Promise

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Refer a friend.

Honest tipping

We’re not like those other guys. Keep 100% of your tips.

Transparent pay

Always know how much of the fare goes to you and how much goes to You.Car

Impact tracking

Keep track of your carbon footprint and emissions compared to gas vehicles.

Simple cash-out process

It’s your money – you earned it. We make it simple to cash out.

EV Jobs Just Got Better

There aren’t a ton of electric vehicle job openings out there. We want to change that. Whether you have an electric vehicle already or you’re looking for an afforable way to make the switch, You.Car has a solution for you. 

Know someone searching for electric car jobs and wanna spread the good? Refer a friend.