Maximize Rideshare Profits – Trade Up to an Electric Vehicle | You.Car

Most likely, you’re in the rideshare business to make money – not because you love helping strangers get to the airport. For some, it’s a full-time job. For others, it’s a side gig to boost their income. There are plenty of reasons that people are drawn to rideshare over other jobs (working for yourself and […]

3 Reasons the Future of Rideshare is Electric | You.Car

Imagine this: it’s 2050, and the highway hums only with the quiet purr of electric vehicles. Gas cars are a thing of the past or a trophy your eccentric uncle brings to car shows. You haven’t stopped at a gas station in nearly two decades. Not long ago, this scene seemed far-fetched. Now? It’s not […]

3 Ways to Decrease Your Vehicle Loan Payments |

If you’ve ever bought anything on credit, you know how overwhelming the monthly payments can feel – a credit card, a financed household appliance, a new car. The high interest rates often applied to these items can make it feel impossible to get out from under the debt. For many, this is the barrier preventing […]

4 Ways to Make Extra Money With Your Car | You.Car

4 Ways to Make Extra Money with Your Car And Hobbies If you’re lucky, you have an Instagrammable dog or a grandfather whose old-timey sayings go viral, but most of us can’t become TikTok famous. While you’re brainstorming how to get rich quick, let’s consider a few more concrete streams of revenue to supplement your […]

How to Get Better Tips as a Driver: 8 Strategies |

We’ve all been there: your rideshare pulls up to the curb, and your driver pops the trunk for you. You lug your 40-pound suitcase in yourself and then slide into the backseat, where you’re careful not to step on the odds and ends rolling around at your feet. Your driver mumbles a “hello” and then […]

Must-Have Car Accessories for Rideshare Drivers | You.Car

At You.Car, we’re not just dedicated to improving the world; we’re also dedicated to improving the lives of rideshare drivers. We do that by offering a unique car loan paydown program and additional income streams for drivers, but we can also do it by equipping you with a list of must-have car accessories that every […]

How to Streamline Rider Pickups | You.Car

First impressions make or break any interaction, and rideshare relationships are no different. Taking steps to streamline rider pickups not only makes your life easier as a driver, but it also starts your journey off on the right foot for your rider, which may boost your tip and/or your rating. There are several things you […]

Understanding Tax Incentives for Electric Cars Drivers | You.Car

It’s not fanciful to believe that many of us will see the sunset of gas-powered vehicles in our lifetime. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, major automakers (Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar Land Rover, and BYD) signed a pledge to end the sale of gas and diesel-powered cars by 2040, as did thirty […]

How to Track Mileage & 4 Best Apps to Use | You.Car

If you’re a rideshare driver, you should be tracking the miles you drive while logged into the app. Why? Because it positions you to receive the largest possible rebate come tax time (and don’t forget you can benefit from tax incentives for buying an electric vehicle, too). These deductions reduce your taxable income, keeping more […]