Must-Have Car Accessories for Rideshare Drivers | You.Car

At You.Car, we’re not just dedicated to improving the world; we’re also dedicated to improving the lives of rideshare drivers. We do that by offering a unique car loan paydown program and additional income streams for drivers, but we can also do it by equipping you with a list of must-have car accessories that every rideshare driver should add to their vehicle.

Let’s take a look at the eight things you should have on hand before you pick up your next passenger:

  1. Phone mount: A way to attach your phone to your dashboard is a necessity for rideshare drivers. In addition to keeping your hands phone-free, which is a law in many states, it also makes it easy to follow your GPS to your rider’s destination. Providing a quick, safe ride – without missed turns! – is key to delivering a stellar experience for your customers, and a phone mount will help you do that. An added benefit? Passengers like to know where you’re going. Having your map in their eye line instead of in your lap might boost your rating.
  1. All-weather mats: If you take pride in your car, you’ll want to keep it tidy. Depending on where you drive, your riders will likely track in dirt, snow, sand, salt – maybe even mud. Rather than taking your car to get vacuumed every week, invest in some quality rubber floormats. You can quickly shake them out or rinse them off, and they offer added protection against spills or other unfortunate accidents. If you buy anything for your vehicle, all-weather mats are a must have accessory!
  1. Multi-prong, rapid car charger: We’ve all hopped into a car service after a late night out and realized our phone was racing down to 0%. Provide a quality experience for your passengers by keeping high-speed car chargers on hand (plus, you’ll need to charge your phone, too). Either seek out a universal charger (with multiple prongs to fit all phones) or keep a few varieties stocked. Many of your riders will be in your car for a short time and will appreciate the quick battery boost.
  1. An aux cord: Want to really wow your riders (and encourage them to tip better)? Offer an aux cord and allow your passengers to be the DJ for the duration of the ride. Make sure it’s long enough to reach the backseat. If you don’t have an aux input, a Bluetooth connection will work, too!
  1. Dashcam: You.Car takes both driver and rider safety seriously, but drivers can take additional precautions for added security. Consider equipping your car with a dashcam. It will record your rides, both inside your vehicle and outside, and provide a record if you run into any trouble, like an accident or an unruly passenger. One rideshare driver says a $100 dashcam saved him $8,000 in insurance fees.
  1. A Bluetooth headset: Add Bluetooth headphones to your driving plan for seamlessness and safety. Use a single earbud to listen to your GPS’s directions – this will allow you to keep your eyes on the road without interrupting your passengers’ music with a robot voice instructing you to keep left at the fork. Plus, you can use it to safely answer calls from riders if necessary while keeping your hands free.
  1. A cleaning kit: Accidents happen, so you’ll want to keep a well-stocked kit of cleaning supplies in your trunk. Add interior cleaning wipes, a handheld vacuum, towels, and gloves to start. Having these items on hand will allow you to clean up any spills or dirt quickly rather than having to end your workday earlier than planned because of an unexpected mess.
  1. Comfort items: If you like driving, joining a rideshare company can be a sweet gig. It does require you to be in your car a lot, though, and it’s important to take care of your body and keep yourself comfortable. Invest in comfort items like ergonomic back support cushions and a head/neck rest. If you end up with a stiff neck after spending hours in the car, it might hamper your ability to drive the next day. Take care of yourself today so you can take care of your bills tomorrow!

There are plenty of other items you can add to your car to keep it comfortable for you and your passengers, but get started with these eight car accessory “must haves” and you’ll be on the road to a better rideshare experience.

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